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Allow me to reintroduce myself

Posted on July 27, 05

It’s been a while.

In the past year or so since I stopped posting regularly a lot has changed: I’ve graduated with a BA in Economics with a minor in Computer Science from UC Davis, applied for a few post-graduation jobs, interviewed for a few of them, and heard back from none.

I’m an impatient “I want it now” type person - hence my love of the internet - so this process is understandably difficult for me.

So with my newly discovered freedom from homework, testing, and programming assignments, I’ve finally done a wee bit of work around the old Orby house. To start, I’ve implemented a few behind the scenes features on this blog and plan on finishing up a few more in the near future. Another item on my to do list is to migrate the current styling you see here into a nice, neat, WordPress theme.

Furthermore, I’ve totally redone my photo site. I’ve streamlined the procedure I go through to get pictures online from a lengthly process to one that doesn’t even require me to get out of iPhoto. With a little help from a plugin called Photon, I can now name, describe, resize, upload, and post all pictures to WordPress from within iPhoto itself. I’m hoping that by making the process so much easier, I’ll end up sharing many more pictures - and doing so much more often.

So where did all of the old posts go?

When I started OrbyOnline, I was twenty years old, in college, and had yet to really find out what I was interested in doing for the foreseeable future.

These days, I’m out of college, more three long years older, and starting to come to grips with what I want to do. Because of these changes have reshaped my outlook on life , I’ve decided to reinvent OrbyOnline to match who I am now, rather than who I was back in February of 2002.

I felt that keeping the old posts could hinder this transformation, so I exported them to a file, saved the file so that I could read the posts again some day, and deleted them from this server.

Where will things go from here?

My current outlook is that this site will primarily be focused on web development, all things Apple, photography, and perhaps backpacking. It’s a gaggle of topics to all be hosted under one site, but these are the topics that most interest me right now.

I have streamlined the hoops I need to jump through to get large quantities of photos online, so I’m hoping that my newly redesigned photo site will end up being updated more often and with more pictures. The four most recently added photos are pulled out of an RSS feed and displayed in the sidebar for those interested in seeing my newest photographs.

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